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    Professional Cleanup before Selling your Home

    The first impression of your property counts. When it’s time to put a family home or any other commercial property on the market, you need real estate cleaning services. Because if your property is not in pristine condition, it won’t sell quickly. The place should be cleaned from top to bottom by a professional cleaning service to look new and fresh for potential buyers.

    At D’Aaron’s Housekeeping Co, we offer professional quality real estate cleaning services in Albuquerque, NM, and surrounding areas. We know how important it is to keep your property maintained to get serious buyers, which is why we set quality standards for real estate cleaning services.

    Why Real Estate Agents should hire for Cleaning Services?

    Getting your property cleaned is one of the most significant steps in ensuring that your property receives the best price on the market. Messy and Untidy spaces drive away potential buyers, leading you to get much lesser than you would expect for your property. When people look at a property, cleanliness can significantly affect its beauty and value. Even a slightly cluttered or dirty place can impact the value of your house. Being a leading real estate agent, you would never wish for that. So, contact us to help you with all your real estate cleaning needs.. 

    Cleaning Services for Real Estate Homes in Albuquerque, NM

    We promise to make your properties thoroughly cleaned so that you can benefit from higher rents and a better caliber of tenants. Our top real estate cleaning services include:

    • Bathroom deep cleaning
    • Hardwood flooring cleaning and polishing
    • Wall washing
    • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
    • Airbnb Cleaning 
    • COVID 19 Cleaning 
    • Kitchen deep cleaning
    • Air quality testing
    • Smoke and pet odor removal
    • Window and door cleaning

    At D’Aaron’s Housekeeping Co, we offer the best real estate cleaning services to get your property at the top price on the market. Ensuring that your property is entirely ready for sale is exhausting and time-consuming. Our efficient team of skilled real estate cleaners is always there to make your property perfect for staging and listing pictures whenever you need it.

    The Average Estimate of Real Estate Cleaning 

    The total price depends on the size of the house, the condition of the surfaces, and other factors. The most important factor is the size of the house. Bigger houses need more cleaning, resulting in higher costs. The national average cost is $140 to $180. The total price of cleaning also depends on the location. A one-bedroom apartment starts at $90 to $120, while a three-bedroom apartment cleaning cost will be $190 to $250.  The cost can also depend on the type of cleaning you want.

    All the cleaning services in Albuquerque charge based on square foot, price per room, or price per hour. Every real estate is different, so most professionals give a final quote after a walk-in inspection.

    A thorough inspection of professionals gives customers an idea about the cost of cleaning depending on the estimated time and labor required to clean the place.

    Benefits of Hiring Us!

    Have you ever tried to clean your rental units by yourself? If you have, you will know the task can be pretty demanding and may look ‘not quite right. So, if you are still in doubt about hiring professional cleaning services, here are some reasons to help you make the decision.